Editions and translations

Print versions

2012 The original print version was published in English with a publication date of 2012 (although the book went on sale from September 2011).

2016 The revised printing, in conjunction with the new e-book version, includes all the errata to date.


2016 The e-book adds numerous enhancements to the 2016 print version.

  • There are clickable links from every reference to its target (chapter, section, algorithm, figure, table and so on).
  • Clicking on a citation takes the reader to its entry in the bibliography.
  • Almost all bibliographic entries have a link to the original paper.
  • Each entry in the bibliography includes links back to its referring citations.
  • Index entries link back to where the entry was mentioned.
  • All technical terms in the text are linked to their entries in the glossary.

Chinese translation cover of Chinese translation

2016 A translation of the 2012 version.

Japanese translation cover of Japanese translation

2016 A translation of the 2016 version by Atusi Maeda, Tomoharu Ugawa and Tsuneyasu Komiya.

Korean translation cover of Korean translation

2016 A translation of the 2012 version.